What makes the New Glanbia Nutritionals better for you?

At Glanbia Nutritionals, we partner with all kinds of companies: from start-ups to the world’s most recognizable brands, helping them innovate and improve a broad range of food, beverage and supplement products.

We’re in the business of making good things even better. So in that spirit, we enhanced Glanbia Nutritionals, bringing together three businesses into one nutritional powerhouse.

To do this, we started by listening to our customers.

Based on those insights we designed an improved Glanbia Nutritionals to HELP YOU connect with MORE ingredients, ideas and expertise to deliver better nutrition to your consumers, stand out in the market and grow your business.

So how is the new Glanbia Nutritionals better?


One point of contact makes it simple and easy to access the full breadth of our resources and offerings.


A new capability to translate data, consumer insights and category trends into new opportunities.


Cross-functional teams of Product Managers, R&D, Insights and Marketing develop faster, more proactive and more successful innovations — from ideas, to products, to processes.

Value Creation

All of our products, Insights, R&D, services, and other resources work together to create more ways than ever to help expand your business. Our newly combined solutions help people and businesses grow by making products more nutritious, ingredient by ingredient. Our expanded portfolio now includes:

  • Cheese products
  • Proteins
  • Grains, Seeds, and Pulses
  • Micronutrient Straights
  • Custom Nutrient Premixes
  • Bioactives
  • Flavors and Flavor Systems *
  • Aseptic Beverage Manufacturing *

With our custom-built services and ability to source ingredients globally, we can create limitless possibilities for enhancing and enriching your company’s consumer products. We’ll help you solve virtually any food or nutritional challenge, working directly—and in true partnership—from start to finish.

See What’s Possible. Just add Glanbia.

* Flavor, Flavor System and Aseptic Beverage Manufacturing solutions available in USA only.

The Facility

  • Batch Tanks
    gallon aseptic
    batch tanks
  • Microthermics
    in-house quality control lab
  • Lines
    flexible down
    stream lines
  • Sqf
    SQF Level 2
    certified facility
  • Pilot Plant
    pilot plant and
    microthermics unit
  • Blow Mould
    State-of-the-art blow molding technology
  • Rotary
    high speed
    aseptic rotary
  • Lab
    Flavor and
    applications lab